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Global Satellite Map we can setup Telehealth any place in the world by connecting LCE Black Box to Satellite uplink/down Link panel for Global Access Telehealth Care.

We are working with to help Non Profits you can help by downloading  for your apps after you downlaoded and install you will need  our invite Code (LCE) to register for free.  


We have 162 Countries Viewership Global Satellite Uplink Panel/Downlink Panel with LCE Black Box Technology connecting the World. 


Our Hughes Uplink/Down Satellite Panel Link LCE Black Box to Global Satellite Network create Hot spot for wire fi connection in Remote Area. Subscription cost for Location is needed with Satellite Panel per location.

With a simple set up, you can enjoy remote help from LCE users around the world at home. Even if you are offline!

With the support of Global Satellite Technology, you can participate in church activities, listen to religious courses, make appointments for health interviews, watch live matches, and so on offline.

Let our services enrich your life! The above component work with LCE Black Box in Poor Area where no Communication can work. Bring Telehealth care in needed location worldwide Donated to help bring Telehealth in the Poor area of the world.

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Donate now to help us build up our LCE black box in Remote area over Satellite for Telehealth community!



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Pay  to see Doctor click paypal below you will received a link on your cell phone , fill out your name and reason of visit, and enter the waiting room.

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 We accept  Crypto  Currency for payment of Telehealth Care  Services .

                 No video until Live class room start

Join our community and Be our member! We are working with download from your apps Store  Use invite Code LCE

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Donate now to help us build up our LCE black box community!

Questions about the services we provide? Feel free to reach out today.   Dennis Matthews CEO LCE Newport Beach Inc 317 S. 6 Street Las Vegas NV 89101
Purchase our Global Satellite System $9000.00 per unit plus Satellite Air time $2000.00